By-Cast N.V. is a privately held corporation registered and located in Flanders-Belgium, founded in 1986 by eng. Msc. Joseph Bynens and by eng. Msc. Carlo Vrancken.

Today, the company is managed by eng. Msc. Max Bynens (managing director) and by eng. Msc. Carlo Vrancken (general manager).

What we do

The background, experience and in depth knowledge of heat recovery within the company warrants the excellence of our products and services.

By-Cast is uniquely qualified to supply complete MODULAR DEKA AIRPREHEATERS with both cast iron and glass tube banks.

By-Cast can also supply all spare parts for all existing airpreheaters, with cast iron and or borosilicate glass tubes, any type.

The DEKA trademark

The DEKA trademark® is owned by By-Cast N.V. and the airpreheaters are manufactured in the By-Cast plant located at Tessenderlo, Flanders-Belgium, where also the design, research and engineering office is located. All our airpreheaters are manufactured with high quality materials from West-European origin.

More about us

The plant includes a foundry (devoted to cast the unique finned heat transfer surface), steel fabrication and assembly shops.

Design and engineering are based on our own proven calculating programs which are continuously being updated and improved by our engineers. The manufacturing is supported by skilled and experienced workmen. Research and development is made in cooperation with the world famous University of Leuven.

By-Cast has held ISO-9001 certification since March 1994.

By-Cast is proud to own a product, originally designed more than 60 years ago and continuously improved thanks to the built up experience, which offers our clients a reliable product and a service based on many years of experience.

We greatly value our relationship and co-operation with leading companies world-wide.


Contact us


Ravenshout 3023 Kanaalweg 77
B-3980 Tessenderlo
Flanders - Belgium
tel: +32(0)

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